Surround yourself with things that uplift you

Surround yourself with things that uplift you

My home is a reflection of what I love and enjoy. When you’re surrounded by things that uplift you, I think it enhances your overall well-being.

Woo Woo

One thing you might not expect about me is I am a little woo woo. I dove deeper into more New Age and esoteric aspects of life such as crystals, Reiki, essential oils and chakras when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2016.  I went back to my faith, Christianity and philosophies like Buddhism. As my good friend said, “I want all gods by my side.”

It was tough to see my husband go through his first and thankfully only round of intravenous chemo and it made me think, there must be something else I can do besides yoga, breathwork, prayer and meditation to help him. He wasn’t physically able to do many things at the time, so with the help of my guide, Carolyn, I started to learn more about Reiki, crystals, and energy work. So as crazy as it might sound, be open to anything. Don’t let a crisis like a cancer diagnosis open your mind and heart. The same can be applied on the mat – you might not be able to do a pose now or ever, but don’t block that possibility. Stay open and receptive and ultimately do what feels right for you.

I am proud to say that since I started more of this woo woo stuff, my family and I hardly get sick. It could be so many things as to why. Even my husband, who was confined to the bed for days from a sneeze back then, still works a 40-hour/week job on post. He is hardly sick considering his weak immune system. So surround yourself with things and people that lift you up. For me, it’s made a huge difference in my mind body and soul.

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