Mindful Parenting

Dr. Shefali helped me connect yoga to motherhood. I had the opportunity to take a course with her in NYC in 2016. It was a hard time for me to let go of my responsibilities at home because my husband was diagnosed with cancer earlier that year. With the support of my family and friends, I was able to go. I had to, for my own sanity as guilty as I felt. It was an informative and transformative experience for me and my family. One big thing I learned is to pause and meditate before I respond to my kids. Things clicked for me when I realized that’s what I tell my students when I teach yoga- take a moment to breathe in downdog in between vinyasas or in mountain pose before we move on to the next sequence. My kids’ behaviors mirror my insecurities and deep triggers.  It’s that moment of pause and space that we can find clarity and move towards a kind and respectful place. I still occasionally yell at my kids and I lose my temper but it’s gotten easier with the tool to first pause, take a few deep breaths before I react. I ask myself what is really important and I internally process what is triggering my reaction. It’s usually not them. It’s typically the Asian tiger mom roaring. So the next time you’re about to lose it with your kids or anyone, pause, take deep breaths, remove yourself from the situation if needed. Deep down, we all know what we should do, it’s about finding the right tools and removing those internal and external obstacles. Yoga deep breathing can help. I often do a simple breathing technique for a quick dose of calm- count up to 5 and then out to 5. Repeat.

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