Align + Refine : Half Moon


Half moon or ardha chandrasana is one of my favorite balance poses. I love practicing balance poses because they really make me focus on the present moment, letting go of distractions and developing patience. As a business owner, I wear many hats. When I practice balance poses, I can focus on one thing and make space in my mind for other things. the same idea can be applied when you're working on something at your desk. Rather than multitask and work on several things at once, I prioritize my tasks for the day and set a timer of 60-90 minutes and will work on that one thing. I will put incoming emails and text messages aside. This helps me get sh!t done.

I usually come into this pose from warrior 2 or extended side angle. Put a soft bend in the supporting leg, engage the abs and glutes, and open the chest. Half moon can also be done with your back on the wall and/or with a block supporting your bottom hand.

So the next time you need to focus, try a balance pose, it doesn't have to be half moon. Maybe tree pose or warrior 3. To add more of a challenge, bring both hands to your heart in prayer. And...breathe.

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